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High tech dentistry software

Dental Technology – Groveport, OH

Welcome to the Future of Dentistry

In order to provide truly world-class dentistry, you need to have the right tools, which is why our dental office has some of the most advanced instruments available today. Thanks to our technology, we’re able to deliver premium care while also keeping our patients much more comfortable, which is a big win-win in our book! If you’re ready to experience the very best that modern-day dentistry has to offer, be sure to contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Intraoral Camera

Dental patient looking at intraoral images

Have a hard time understanding what your dentist is talking about because you can’t see your smile like they do? This is now a problem of the past thanks to our intraoral camera. This small instrument is able to capture close-up, high-resolution images of the teeth and gums we can then display on a monitor right in the treatment room. This makes appointments much more transparent and informative, helping patients better understand why their dentist might be suggesting a particular treatment.

Digital X-Rays

Panoramic digital x-rays on computer screen

There’s a lot going on underneath the surface of your smile, and we certainly don’t want to miss any of it, which is why X-rays are a vital part of our dental office. Of course, dental X-rays cause concerns for many patients, which is why we have upgraded to only using digital X-rays. They are not only much faster and capture more detail than traditional film X-rays, but they also emit up to 80% LESS radiation as well, giving many of our patients peace of mind (especially parents with young children).

Digital Impression System

Digital dental impressions on computer screen

We use dental impressions to design and personalize a wide variety of treatments, from dental crowns to veneers to dentures to Invisalign and much more. However, the process of creating one used to be quite uncomfortable for patients, which involved them literally biting down into dental putty in order to produce a physical model. To speed up this process, make it more comfortable, and more accurate, we now take our impressions 100% digitally. A small scanner is moved throughout the mouth, and in just a few minutes, it’s able to generate a fully 3D impression that has much more detail than a traditional physical model.

CT/ Cone Beam Scanner

3D CT scanner

When planning for a delicate and complicated procedure like dental implant placement, our partner specialists like to have a little more information about a patient’s dental anatomy than what a traditional 2D X-ray can tell them. To give them exactly what they need, we’ll use our CT/cone beam scanner, which is able to create a highly-detailed 3D X-ray image of a patient’s teeth, jaws, and surrounding oral structures. It also helps our team determine if a patient is a good candidate for implants and ensure that their new smile will last for many years to come.

CEREC Same-Day Dental Crowns

Digital CEREC smile design

Thanks to CEREC, repairing a severely decayed or damaged tooth is now easier than ever. Instead of having to schedule two appointments to your dentist’s office to get a crown, CEREC allows us to design, create, and place a completely custom-made dental crown in just one quick visit. You’ll sit and relax in the chair while we prepare your tooth, scan it, and use high-tech software to fabricate your restoration in-house. Most appointments only take around an hour, helping patients fit their much needed dental care easily into their day.